Select a Referral Group button from the 21 options on the left to display the list of organisations within that group in this column. Organisations may appear in multiple groups depending on the services they offer.

    The list of organisations appearing will be those that are considered relevant for the Referral Group you selected, the referral contact telephone for local and, where relevant, national contact will be displayed together with the ORGANISATION name. Further RELEVANT DETAILS of the first ORGANISATION on the list will display on a page to the right. On selecting any one of the listed organisation buttons, details on the RELEVANT DETAILS page will update to those of the selected organisation.
    Users are encouraged to assist with keeping these details updated, and also to comment where a referral may be inappropriate for the grouping it is currently displayed in.      
    If users have experienced less or better than satisfactory service from an organisation you are welcome to forward details of such experience, such details will not be displayed but will be held confidentially and may impact on the position that specific organisation is placed within, or withheld from, a grouping.

    HART Referrals Listing is authored and maintained by: Rod Hart, Registered Counsellor, PRC 0012300.