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I work to a person-centered counselling approach through which clients are empowered to take informed decisions and control of their lives. This approach recognises the individuality of clients and recognises their potential to change their lives for the better. The person-centered approach is employed as the standard by many counselling and social service organizations. I am of course flexible and will employ other models/approaches where it suits the situation and client needs.
  1. Individual Counselling
    Clients seek counselling for a variety of reasons: personal clarity, difficulty in coping in school/work/social situations, bereavement, relationship difficulties, trauma, and from experiencing life changing circumstances. Reasons for seeking counselling are individual and personal and as a person-centered counsellor I recognise this and will treat you with respect as an individual.

  2. Counselling Children
    Parents/partners arranging counselling for a child should plan to attend the initial intake interview with their child; consent for counselling for a child is required from both legal guardians. One of the partners will be expected to accompany and wait for the child when they are brought for their counselling sessions.

  3. Couples Counselling
    Either/both of the couple/partners may make the appointment and attend the initial Intake interview, however it is imperative that both attend the following counselling sessions otherwise the counselling will revert to Individual counselling of one of the partners.

Psychological Screening:

I am able to perform basic assessment, and psychological screening tests, in order to provide you with appropriate psycho-education, emotional, and supportive interventions.


One of the key functions of a Registered Counsellor is being able to determine the need and direction of referral of a client, either to another professional or service organization, to further the progress of the client.

As a community commitment project I have developed and maintain a Referral Database of service organisations in Pietermaritzburg. This database is accessible (see the HART Referrals Pietermaritzburg button on our front page) to the public and is intended to mostly benefit volunteer workers and counsellors in various service organisations.


Personal Growth, and Basic Counselling group courses or aspects of Counselling presentations can be arranged and facilitated, please phone or email to enquire.

Call 033 346 1650 or Whatsapp 061 507 0060 for information or to book an appointment