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The underlying principle of our Career Guidance is to match personality, interests, skills, and values, with potential career paths, the key elements we use are:

  • Yourself (Personality type and abilities)
  • Your occupation choices (Specific type of work interest and aspirations)
  • Your career (Broad category of work employing your skills)
  • Your job (Employer/potential employer also relates to your values)

  • Primarily the tests we use are normed for School grade 10, 11, & 12 pupils or useful for post matric clients, though of course we can gear our Career Guidance for any client situation or circumstance such as a client wishing to change career or move in a new job direction.

    The following tests that are available for us to employ will not spell out one specific occupation, but will rather give key information that will help you understand your unique makeup and the type of work that would be a good match. The resultant personal career codes and your own career/job aspirations are taken into account as well as consideration that occupations may tolerate a variety of types and there is often room for niche specialisation within most occupations which may suit your prominent personality type.

    1. SDS Self Directed Search
    A comprehensive test which provides a 3 figure SDS code relating to the client predominant personality type. A report providing brief descriptions of INTERESTS & OCCUPATION types for each combination of codes is provided.
    Intstruction for further investigating the client potential OCCUPATIONS in significant detail are provided and may be explored in order to establish client interest in potential fields.

    2. SAVII South African Vocational Interest Inventory
    A South African test similar to the SDS providing a 3 figure code relating to the client predominant personality type. Reports we provide from this test give the equivalent SDS code in order to enable the client to further investigate potential occupations in detail, a list of INTEREST & OCCUPATIONS for the given personality types as well as a list of occupations associated with the client personality type, as well as lists of occupations for alternate sub-fields identified in the test.

    3. CDQ Career Development Questionnaire
    Provides rating of client prepardness in the essential career decision making fields of:
    Self Information Decision Making Career Information Integration of Information Career Planning

    4. WVI Work Values Inventory
    This questionnaire rates and ranks the client consideration, in terms of priority, of 15 work related values which provides indication of the suitability of various work/job environments.

    5. 16PF Sixteen Personality Factors
    Provides indication of the client 4 Character Myers-Briggs Personality Type and provides career suggestions for that specific and alternate personality types.

    6. DAT-K - Differential Apptitude Test Form K
    A comprehensive South African normed test providing indication of client apptitude in each of the 10 fields:
    Vocabulary - Verbal Reasoning - Non-verbal Reasoning - Calculations - Comprehension - Comparison - Spatial Visualisation - Mechanical Insight - Memory - Price Controlling

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